Club Competition Rules

General Rules

  • Only paid-up members of the High Peak Photography Club (HPPC) by the hand-in date are eligible to enter competitions.
  • HPPC reserves the right to reproduce any entry (without fee) on the Club’s Website, Facebook Pages, Instagram, local and national press, publicity or other Club-related documents/material unless the entry has been marked “Not Publishable” on PhotoEntry.
  • If a person is a member of more than one camera club, they may only represent one specified club in inter-club or other external competitions. Please advise the Inter-Club Secretary if this is the case and especially if HPPC is not your specified club.
  • Competition entries will be deemed as being available to represent the club in Inter-Club or other external Competitions. If you do not wish your images to be selected you must inform the Inter-Club Competition Secretary before entering.
  • Except for final printing, images, all parts of composite images, and any editing, must be entirely the work of the member. The member must be able to supply, if requested, all the original “Out of Camera” files that are used to create the image.
  • Generative AI tools are not allowed as these are based on third party images. The use of AI tools are allowed for object selection, removal, denoise and sharpening as these all are based on the member’s image being edited.
  • HPPC reserves the right to disallow a member from entering any competition. In this exceptional case, the member will be fully advised of the reasons leading to this decision.
  • HPPC has the right to withdraw any accepted image should it become apparent that it was ineligible.
  • HPPC reserves the right to either reject an image, or to not show an accepted image, if it is deemed offensive to a wider public audience.
  • Copyright remains with the photographer. All entries are accepted in good faith. The member agrees to indemnify HPPC and any other related parties against any litigation that may arise if entered images do not have the necessary permissions to be published.
  • Entry into Club competitions is via the online system called ‘PhotoEntry’. For each competition, PhotoEntry states the maximum number images that can be entered.

Eligible Images

  • Entries (or those significantly similar) that have been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd, cannot be entered again in any individual Competition, except as part of the Panel Competition.
  • Panels, or the individual images that make up the panel, that have been placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, may not be re-entered in any subsequent Panel competitions.
  • Any single image from a Panel, irrespective of having won an award in a Panel competition, can be entered as a single image in other Club Competitions, providing it has not been previously placed.
  • Both Print and Projected Digital Image (PDI) entries should be submitted using PhotoEntry, by midnight on the date of the hand-in. A JPEG file of upto 1600 x 1200 pixels in sRGB colour space should be uploaded. If the image is smaller, it will be projected with a black background. If the image is larger or if the colour space is incorrect, it may be rejected, resized, or the colour space adjusted, out of the control of the entrant.
  • Print entries should be mounted on a 50cm x 40cm board and can be flush or window mounted. Backing boards must be the same size as the mount board. The mount must not carry any fixings or other material likely to damage other prints when stacked.
  • The title of the Print and the PhotoEntry Presentation Sequence Number should be placed on the back board of the mounted image taking up a space of no more than a 4 by 3 inch area. All other labels on the back of the print should be removed or blanked to make them unreadable.


  • The Panel competition entry consists of 3 images, which work together when presented as a group, by virtue of a common theme or related properties. The 3 images will be viewed together and judged as a group.
  • For Prints, the images must be mounted individually on separate mounts. Each print must be marked on the reverse with correct viewing order, numbered 1 to 3 from left to right. The 3 images should be uploaded into PhotoEntry as one competition entry.
  • For PDI, they can be either:
    • A single image, composed of 3 separate and non-overlapping images, surrounded by a single colour background. This should be uploaded into PhotoEntry as one image file.
    • Three separate images, which will be shown left to right, with a black background. The 3 images should be uploaded into PhotoEntry as one entry.


  • Monochrome images are defined as either:
    • An image in tones of neutral grey, ranging from white to black, or
    • An image in a single colour, e.g. a print using a chemical process such as sepia, cyanotype, or a digitally produced image colourised in a single hue.

Natural History

  • Natural History entries are images where living organisms are the primary subject matter. The story telling value of an image will normally be weighed more than the pictorial quality.
  • Natural History includes:
    • Images taken with subjects in controlled conditions such as zoos, game parks, botanic gardens, aquariums and enclosures where the subjects are dependent on man for food. Scientific bands, tags or collars are permissible.
  • Natural History excludes:
    • Images where the subjects are obviously domestic animals or plants.
    • Images where an obviously artistic treatment has been applied.
    • Composite images.
  • The following image processing is permitted; cropping, exposure adjustment, colour correction, noise minimisation, dodging/burning, HDR, focus stacking, sharpening, and removal of image defects and minor distractions including overlapping elements.
  • An image appearing to meet the above criteria will be accepted as Natural History.
  • Access to some biological subjects may be restricted. Where that is relevant, then the member warrants that they have followed relevant codes of practice and/or hold any necessary licences.

Denis Milner

  • In memory of the late Dennis Milner, his family have sponsored a trophy – the competition is for prints only (either colour or monochrome) and is judged by members on the night.
  • The spirit of this competition is that images should be new, and have not been entered in any previous club competition.
  • This is a stand alone competition and is not included in the competition results tables.
  • The print must be on A4 paper, either landscape or portrait orientation, and have no more than a 1.25inch margin all the way round.
  • In advance of the competition, members will be advised of the maximum number of entries allowed.